TakahashiTools Co., Ltd.

Cutlery industry/TakahashiTools Co., Ltd.

The company has manufacturing and sales of cutting tools for machine tools in Hamamatsu.

Our products ( cutting tools for machine tools ) Inquiries about the knife from Takahashi Industrial Co., Ltd. (Phone :053 -425 -1022)


Technologies and polished high quality are build up by our experience from our history of half of a century.
Takahashi Tools co., Ltd, does the best for customers with only one product by our "Manufacturing and Human resource development".

Main Facilities

WIRE EROSION MACHINE (Vollmer: 750,760H)

Wire erosion machine with 5 CNC-controlled axes. For automatic measuring and erosion of tools with cutting edges made of PCD and other hard materials,
with unsupported clamping or clamping between centres.

CNC GRINDING MACHINE (Walter: Helitronic power, Helitronic mini power)

The Helitronic Power is the first choice when it comes to highly flexible production
and re-sharpening of rotationally symmetrical tools and parts.


A universal standard machine of profile grinders. With a high reciprocating unit mounted,
it supports high precision ,and high surface roughness grinding.


The Walter Helicheck Plus: with 3D-Direct View and Nanopostioning. Three permanently installed cameras for direct, incident and top light measurement. In combination with the granite machine base, maximum stability and measuring accuracy is achieved.

Working with the technology of these facilities are also available to cut new material.