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The company has manufacturing and sales of cutting tools for machine tools in Hamamatsu.

Our products ( cutting tools for machine tools ) Inquiries about the knife from Takahashi Industrial Co., Ltd. (Phone :053 -425 -1022)

Our aim, "ONLY ONE" company, is do the best for our customers and contribute customers' profit.

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  • Side Cutter (For Aluminum)

    Provide a smooth cutting surface and high durability
    MTO type (small lot); we can accommodate various shapes according to customers' request.
    Slice, stepped cut, cut side, width fix. Total special carbide cutter.

  • Juicy Bit(Steel body with solid carbide stick mounted)

    Provide high precision and high quality
    Achieve unprecedented levels of precision finish. Solid is used in body.
    Provide high precision and high quality processing. Each specification has been significantly improved compared to conventional products.

Work piece material

Solid wood (soft wood , hard wood)
Wood derived materials (Laminated materials , Particle board , Fiber board)
Synthetic materials (Duro plastic , Thermo plastic , Fiber reinforced plastic , Polymer plastic)
Composite materials (Cement board , Plaster board)
Non Ferrous materials (Aluminium , Copper)

Main Products

Main Products
Tungsten carbide
Cutter, Router bit, Saw blade, drill, etc...
Cutter, Router bits, Saw blade, drill, saw blade for power tool, etc...

Based on our motto "Act with foresight", understand the trend of time, and always aware customer needs and continue to provide stable satisfaction to customers.
Recognize that globalization has changed business environment and make effort to make "safe and reliable quality" by proposing plans and developments willingly.

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