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Cutlery industry/TakahashiTools Co., Ltd.

The company has manufacturing and sales of cutting tools for machine tools in Hamamatsu.

Our products ( cutting tools for machine tools ) Inquiries about the knife from Takahashi Industrial Co., Ltd. (Phone :053 -425 -1022)


Management Policy

Based on our motto "Act with foresight", understand the trend of time, and always aware customer needs and continue to provide stable satisfaction to customers.
Recognize that globalization has changed business environment and make effort to make "safe and reliable quality" by proposing plans and developments willingly.


Thank you for using our products. Since 1948, we have advanced research and development of special cutting tools consistently. We have been providing cutting tools to process various materials, including difficult-to cut materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic, steal, etc.
Each employee makes effort that appropriate to the era of globalization based on our motto, "high-quality", "fast", and "reasonable".
We truly appreciate your encouragement and guidance.

CEO Takayuki Takahashi

Company profile

Company name Takahashi tools Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Takayuki Takahashi
Established October 1970
Capital J¥10,000,000
Company Location 626 Oyagi-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu
430-0842, Japan
Tel: +81-53-425-1022
Fax: +81-53-426-1621
Main Bank Mizuho Bank, Hamamatsu Branch
Shizuoka Bank, Aioi Branch
Business content (1) Manufacture and sale of cutting tools for machining equipment for wood, metal, laminated wood, plastics, aluminum, and new materials
(2)Manufacture and sales of cutting tools for electric tools
Overseas affiliate
  • Longlian Tool Corporation
    Langfang Economic and Technical Development Zone, Hebei, P.R.of China
  • Longlian Tool Corporation
    Dalian Economic & Technical Development Zone Liaoning Province

History of company

1948 Established in Ryuzenzi, Hamamatsu as a woodworking tools company by Tsuneo Takahashi
1955 Business location relocated to Aioi, Hamamatsu City
1962 Factory expanded to adjacent area
1970 Business incorporated, and company name changed to Takahashi Tools Co., Ltd.
1971 Factory reloacated to Oyagi-cho, Hamamatsu
1985 Factory expanded and machining center introduced
1988 Takayuki Takahashi inaugurated president
1991 Recreation facility expanded
1994 Capital increased to j¥10,000,000
1997 Factory expanded, diamond(PCD)tool machining system established
2001 ISO9001 acquired
2002年 Factory(Longlian Tool Corporation)established in China
2003年 Manufacture of metal working tools for automobiles started
2005年 Metal working PCD electric discharge machine introduced
2007年 Metal working NC grinding machine introduced
2009年 Large-sized machining center for metal working introduced

Main Equipment

Diamond(PCD)Machining Equipment

Electric discharge machine 7 units, Wire-cutter 4 units, Electric discharge machine for metal working 2 units

Cemented carbide machining equipment

Tool grinding machine 30 units, NC grinding machine 5 units, Grinding machine for metal working 2 units

Base metal machining equipment

Machining center 6 units, NC lathe 3 units, Welding machine 5 units
Honing machine 5 units, Laser marker 1 unit, and other machine tools 20 units

Inspection Equipment

Three dimensional measurement machine 1 unit, Laser measurement machine 1 unit, Projector 4 inits

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